Monday, 2 May 2011

it's the littlest things

it really is.

I've started to notice, at an ever increasing rate, that the small, simple things in life create the biggest difference. This year has been a lonely one. Sad, but very true. Left to continue my studies in the same small city I once shared with a wonderful, extended group of friends (but some less important acquaintances), I now feel like a claustrophobic trapped in that proverbial lift. I want out, basically.

By 'simple things' I mean the special treat of being able to rely on someone (often on a daily basis) with whom to grab an all-important coffee/cupoftea/caffeine based beverage, to alleviate the monotonous black hole that serves as a rather poignant metaphor of 'studying'. I no longer have this newly deemed luxury. I need it.

I feel like an unbelievably monstrous person for bemoaning my relatively pathetic 'woes', seeing as I have (relatively, in the grand scheme of things) good health, a rather lovely abode in which to live, and I still have friends, they just don't live within less than a hundred miles from me. The fact still remains, however, that I am overwhelmed by a sense of some void. Now I just need to figure out how to fill it.

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