Sunday, 17 April 2011


The age-old philosophy of 'you can't change the past' is embedded into our subconscious. This is nonsense, however. Of course you can re-write history, but only if you're willing to, and capable of, adapting the past to move it into the present, and subsequently the future. Perhaps your average joe finds it comforting to resign himself to the fact that what's happened, happened; there's nothing he can do about it. I refute the idea that taking solace in such resignation is constructive, or legitimate even. Instead, it encourages a lack of responsibility. If something has occurred and is now over-and-done-with, what's the use of a retrospective outlook? What's the point in 'history', if it's history? But surely, if your past can't influence your future, then why did it happen in the first place? Not that I'm a fully paid up member of the Everything Happens For A Reason fanclub. Nevetheless, a sense of purpose has its place.

Besides, retro seems to be having its day. Maybe it would do us all some good to look back a little bit more.

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