Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Skool's out for the summer?

 Apparently not, in my case. As an MA'er, summer has officially been cancelled. Instead, I'm left with the very un-summery task of attempting to research, write, and generally give a flying poo about a suitable dissertation topic. Somewhat ironically, I preempted just how taxing this would be, by opting to focus on the idea of Stress. Haha, clever me eh.


The prospect sounded almost idyllic, back in a particularly bleak January, of being given the 'freedom' of undertaking such profoundly independent study during the warmer months. In theory, it should be - empty library, untapped resources, calm and quiet. In reality, it sucks. While everyone else is planning exciting getaways to hotter climes, I'm stuck trying to figure out how psychological theories of anxiety can be related to the Victorian novel as a form.

So, are the proverbial carefree days of Summer well and truly over? Probably.

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