Tuesday, 8 March 2011

a whole lotta lady love.

So, today marks the centenary of International Women's Day; big deal? Well, yes, actually. Despite the opinion of some nagging, dried-up feminists, us girls have come rather a long way in the last hundred years. Equality is still regarded as somewhat of a dirty word in many spheres, both public and private, but no one can deny the fact that WE ARE HERE. Yes, we might not be proportionally represented in politics, and receive significantly less pay than our counter-sex doing exactly the same job, and yet, the mere fact that people are aware of these issues is demonstratively positive.

I am proud to be female, I do not suffer from "penis-envy", as Freud would have it. No. Plus, if the odds are still stacked against us, this makes any sense of "plight" even more poignant, surely?
I'm not a man-hater-eater-beater either. Having said that, I did not appreciate this latest attempt at male empathy, or whatever, and I think less of Dame Judy for having been involved in such trite. Quite frankly.


And there you have it. I've had my say, as I can, as a woman, in this day and age. So yeah, cheers Mary, I'll raise my pancake to you for that.

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