Monday, 28 March 2011

trust, anyone?

I simply have no idea why I was contemplating this particular topic whilst being rocked gently (or not) by the high-speed train on my latest London-Liverpool return, but trust is an issue, right? I mean, the age old question of 'can anyone really be trusted?' is ultimately rhetorical in nature. I'm not an ultra-optimistic person or anything, but I guess I do like to hold onto the idea that, yes, some individuals can safeguard your privacy/hopes/dreams/life, even? Not everyone, however. And, in fact, how can you ever know? Hence it becomes a 'thing'; the big fat proverbial elephant-in-the-room thing.

Some people choose to go through life refusing to empower any fellow human with the notion that they might be close enough to them to merit the title of trustee. No doubt, it is often one of those unspoken concepts, and yet, therein lies the very danger. What if you don't realise that you have been entrusted? Confusion ensues.

But, there remains those other cretinous creatures who simply waste their days raping innocently trusting victims; like the child-catcher, only worse. Sounds shockingly ott? I'm putting it mildly, 'mate'.

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