Monday, 14 February 2011

tickety tock.

The comparison made between students and OAPs is relatively overused, but appropriate nevertheless. I have noticed the similarities with increasing intensity in recent months, and it's scary stuff. In fact, my ridiculous amount of 'free time' is becoming a bit of a curse.

Take, for example, an average day in the life of this particular MA student:
I wake up, typically around 9am. I eventually shimmy out of bed. I make a bowl of cereal. I retreat back to bed to eat said Bran Flakes (possibly with some banana on top, if i'm feeling particularly crAzy that morning). I browse various websites (mainly the Guardian, standard) and 'check' my Facebook, you know, to make sure it's still there/someone has commented on some witty link i've posted on their wall.
I finally get up, dressed, and head to the gym (if I can be arsed).

I come back after sweating like a pig for an hour (max). I take a shower. I have some lunch (these days it seems I even find the time to make a big batch of my own soup to last the week, Christ). And then, I begin fretting about the fact that I have

Sometimes I might have work, but even then it's yet more dread at the prospect of having to smile politely at the general public and touch those disgusting metal objects of Satan (hangers, see older post for reference).

The average day of someone of the elderly population seems strikingly similar, but instead of the gym, they probably get to sit around drinking tea and eating biscuits all morning. ('Elevenses' would inevitably morph into 'Morningses' in my world)

Like a lady of the blue rinse clan, I too can go to the cinema in the middle of the afternoon (except on 'Silver Screen' showings, goddamn them), but I do not relish this fact, I bemoan it.

Why? Because I'm super-motivated and always need to be busy doing something, anything? Perhaps. Or maybe I just want to look forward to the days when I can while away the hours, minutes, seconds, NOT worrying about the fact that I'm NOT doing something, anything.

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