Monday, 7 November 2011


Life today is terrible, apparently. Or at least so we're told on loop by the media/politicians/parents/employers/anyonewhothinkswearelistening. But lately I've been questioning, are things really 'that' bad?

Yes, obviously there's the issue of horrendous unemployment/general prospects for any type of work available to those under 35. I for one will be/am being affected by this dismal age, I'm a twenty-first-century cliché through and through, and this bothers me. But the cynical part of my humanity keeps thinking: maybe my generation deserves it. This might sound crazy, but when you look at the hardships our parents, grandparents, ancestors went through, this economic crisis or whatever you want to call it seems a little bit superficial in comparison. Perhaps, therefore, this is just part of nature's natural cycle; tough times are inevitable. In fact, we need phases like this, if only to prove to ourselves that we are still capable of surviving.

But I'm still left with the uncomfortable knowledge that I feel as though I was born in totally the wrong period. I think that's why I found it so difficult to give a rat's arse about the mini-'revolutions' that started to spring up when tuition fees rocketed skywards/nhs, arts, general life cuts were rolled out. My apathetic outlook should be condemned, obviously, but that still doesn't make me want to care enough.

Had I been conceived 60 years ago, my attitude might have been quite different.

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